Erika Diettes


Photo  by  Pablo Salgado

Photo by Pablo Salgado


Erika Diettes (Colombia, 1978) is a visual artist and social communicator who graduated from the Pontifical Javeriana University. Her double degree is reflected both in her exhibitions and in her publications due to the clear intent of establishing an intimal dialog between her work and the observer. She also has a master on Anthropology from University of the Andes. Without a doubt, you can corroborate that she puts all the knowledge she has at her disposition thanks to her academic background in her work. As a result, there is a blend between the image, message, and process, a trinity that is the conceptual and structural cornerstone of all her works.

Currently, the artistic work of Erika Diettes is recognized and encouraged for each and every one of the mourners and victims with who she has worked. She is also known on an international level thanks, not only to the different places she has taken her exhibitions but also to the awards she has received. Amount them a nomination for the Visionary Awards in 2015 where she was a finalist. Diettes won the Tim Hetherington Trust and the World Press Photo Foundation Fellowship scholarship (2017-2018).

On April 2019 Erika Diettes was selected as part of the group of women artists, leaders, and intellectuals that within each of their respective fields are an example for their contribution to commemorate and celebrate women achievements and struggle around the world. The exhibition SUDARIOS was picked to open the cultural calendar of the city of Liverpool, England, dedicated for the entirety of the 2019 to celebrate and commemorate the International Women´s Day.


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